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State House Elm

Local Woods Used

Special Woods

Special woods in stock are Lilac from the Shelburne Museum.  Wood from a dying Amercan Elm from the Vermont State House lawn.


I have a few blanks of very nice cherry burl. Maple burl and Antique American Chestnut from the Shenandoah Valley.  

 I gather it from many sources, weather damaged trees, firewood, scrap wood from wood shops and waste wood from a local mill.  Exclusively Vermont Wood Products 

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 are more than a beautifully crafted writing instrument. Like a baton is to a conductor, a pen to a writer is a powerful tool that brings inspiration almost like magic. Many cultures believe in the mystery and magic of different types of wood.  Trees are magical aren't they? How a tiny seed will grow into a Burley old oak tree that will be on your family property for generations, it will watch your children grow, your grandchildren grow, the tree will give you shade in the summer, light in the winter, provide homes to birds and squirrels, Trees really are magical, and the wood from the tree is just as magical and special. It is with the love of trees and the magic wood that I have hand crafted these pens for you.


Pick them up, hold them, try them out.  My pens are a gift  - give to yourself, or to a loved one, companion or peer, and spread the magic.  Every time they write something they will think of you.  Feel secure in your purchase as I stand behind the quality, beauty, and strength of my product; if you are unsatisfied with one of my handcrafted pens, please return it for a full refund.

Custom made pens

from your wood

Lost a favorite tree in your yard? Have an old hammer with a broken handle that was your grandfathers? An old un-repairable piece of furniture? Or wood from a tree you climbed when you were a kid.

 I can take a small piece of your special wood and make pens for you and your family.

Two Tone Elegant Beauty

Parker Refill

Jim Cunningham 65 Munsill Ave. Bristol VT.  05443          Shop (802) 453-2453   Cell (802) 349-8531

Chrome Cherry  Slimline Cross Refill Pen Red Oak Sierra Parker Refill Pen Elegant Beauty Ash Parker Refill Pen

Slimline, Cross Refill

Sierra, Parker Refill


Cherry Burl

Ash Cherry_Burl

Red Elm

Red Birch

White Oak

Red Oak

Lilac From



Antique American Chestnut

Red Elm Red Birch Red Oak Streamline Style White Oak Tapered Cross refill Pen Lilac Satin Tapered Chestnut

An interesting piece of American Elm

Elm-2 Vermont State House Elm

Curly Ash

Curly Maple

Curly Maple Cherry-2


Copy of Curly Ash-3

Handmade Hardwood Pens

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Two Special Pens

 All wood used in making my pens is 100% reclaimed.