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Made With Reclaimed Vermont Hardwoods In Bristol, Vermont

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Pricing & How To Order

To order call me to see which woods and pen styles are available.  Wood I generaly have in stock, lilac from the Shelburne Museum, American elm from the Vermont State House lawn, curly & birds eye maple, maple burl, cherry, cherry burl, red and white oak, yellow birch antique American chestnut .  Some of the highly figured woods I offer can change from day to day.


For large orders, a mix of woods is best because I never have a large amount of any one wood.


Orders of one or two pens I can usually have them in the mail within 24 hours.


Pay by check or online.


To pay online with the Check Out Button:  After we work out the details of your order I will email the charges and total, you then click the PayPal Check Out button and add in the total amount of your order at the top left in the Item Price box. No dollar sign. You do not need a PayPal account.  

I like to keep ordering as simple as possible, but I still like to talk to my customers and work with them to help place their order.



Cross Refill Pens





Parker Refill Pens




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 Parker Refill Pens


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Shipping charges for single pen is $5.00

    Shop (802) 453-2453   Cell (802) 349-8531

Pens with premium and stabilize wood are five dollars more per pen


Stabilizing with resin is a heat cured resin used to harden and stabilize most porous material, especially wood.

Vermont Hardwood Pens

Jim Cunningham

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