Vermont Hardwood Pens

Made With Reclaimed Vermont Hardwoods In Bristol, Vermont

19 Years in Business


of pens made

Hundreds Sent around the world

Pen Care

Never leave your pen in direct sunlight for long periods of time, this could dry out and crack the wood.

Always keep your pen in a dry environment and not in a sweaty pocket, this could fade and damage the finish.

How To Change The Refill

 Elegant Beauty and Sierra uses

Parker refills &

Parker Gelwriter refills

Slimline, Tapered & Streamline uses

standard Cross refills

Parker and Cross refills can be found at most drug stores and online at Office Depot.  

Click here for Office Depot refills for

 Parker,  Parker Gelwriter  &   Cross

Jim Cunningham 65 Munsill Ave. Bristol VT.  05443       Shop (802) 453-2453   Cell (802) 349-8531